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Wanted: An Army of Conscience Keepers

Heritage Once Lost is Lost Forever

Somehow, it appears that we have lost the reverence our ancestors had for all that man and nature has created. Every day, somewhere in the country, a historic building is pulled down in the name of progress. Invaluable manuscripts and works of art are being discarded without documentation and records.

You have the right to put an end to this senseless destruction. You have the right to voice your concern. You have a responsibility to protect your environment and your heritage - whether it is preserving the character, beauty and greenery of your locality or conserving the glory of the Taj Mahal.  

If you are interested in our vast architectural and cultural heritage and feel we urgently need to do something about preserving our precious heritage and wish to share your concern for such issues with many like-minded people, then join us!  Join INTACH and Join a MOVEMENT to preserve our nation's heritage - INTACH - Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage is an organisation that leads this movement and generates awareness about our heritage. 

We welcome historical and natural conservationists, architects, art conservators, legal advisors, writers, painters, cameramen and all other interested persons to work with INTACH and contribute their services to the heritage movements.