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Heritage Sites in Vizag

Other Areas


1 116 Doors Bunglow   Bheemunipatnam
2 BNC Joot Bailing Co.   Bheemunipatnam
3 Buddhist Monuments, Pavurala Konda   Bheemunipatnam
4 CBM Church   Bheemunipatnam
5 CBM School   Bheemunipatnam
6 Cemetery-Bhimili Beach Road   Bheemunipatnam
7 Cemetery- Bhimili Kummarapalem   Bheemunipatnam
8 Clock Tower   Bheemunipatnam
9 Custom House   Bheemunipatnam
10 Devils Mansion [moses mansion]   Bheemunipatnam
11 Diet Library [Port Surgeon's Quarters]   Bheemunipatnam
12 Dutch Building, College Road    Bheemunipatnam
13 Dutch Bunglows - Pavuralakonda Bheemunipatnam
14 Gali Meda Bheemunipatnam
15 Governor's Bunglow   Bheemunipatnam
16 Light House Keeper's Quarters   Bheemunipatnam
17 Light House - Bhimli   Bheemunipatnam
18 Lion's Building    Bheemunipatnam
19 Mosque-High Street   Bheemunipatnam
20 Municipal Choultry Bheemunipatnam
21 Municipal Commissioner's Residence   Bheemunipatnam
22 Municipal Office   Bheemunipatnam
23 Narasimhaswami Temple   Bheemunipatnam
24 Ocean View Guest House   Bheemunipatnam
25 Old Court House [demolished]   Bheemunipatnam
26 Port Flag Staff   Bheemunipatnam
27 Port Shipping Office   Bheemunipatnam
28 Ripley Godowns   Bheemunipatnam
29 Rippon Poor House   Bheemunipatnam
30 Shivalayam   Bheemunipatnam
31 St. Peter's Church Bheemunipatnam



32 Mrs. AVN College   Visakhapatnam
33 Bavi Konda Monuments   Visakhapatnam
34 Cemetery Jagadamba Junction   Visakhapatnam
35 Cemetery - Old Town   Visakhapatnam
36 Church on Hill Top   Visakhapatnam
37 Collectorate Building Visakhapatnam
38 Dargah on Hill Top   Visakhapatnam
39 Daspalla Palace, Surya Bagh   Visakhapatnam
40 District Court   Visakhapatnam
41 Governor's Bunglow   Visakhapatnam
42 Hawa Mahal Visakhapatnam
43 Hindu Reading Room   Visakhapatnam
44 Jaipur House. Opp Zilla Parishad   Visakhapatnam
45 Kali Temple   Visakhapatnam
46 Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Temple   Visakhapatnam
47 King George Hospital   Visakhapatnam
48 Kottavidhi Church    Visakhapatnam
49 Kottavidhi Durgah   Visakhapatnam
50 Kurupam Market Visakhapatnam
51 Kurupam Monument Visakhapatnam
52 Light House near St. Aloysius   Visakhapatnam
53 Light House - Park Hotel   Visakhapatnam
54 Mesonic Temple   Visakhapatnam
55 Mukherjee House   Visakhapatnam
56 Queen Mary's School   Visakhapatnam
57 Statue of Queen Victoria   Visakhapatnam
58 Railway Guest House   Visakhapatnam
59 Railway Guest House - Old Bunglow nearby   Visakhapatnam
60 Raja Vikram Deo Varma Science College   Visakhapatnam
61 Rani Chandramati Devi Palace   Visakhapatnam
62 Ripley and Company, Old Town    Visakhapatnam
63 Shiva Temple - Appikonda   Visakhapatnam
64 Simhachalam Temple   Visakhapatnam
65 Shiva Temple at Jagadamba Junction   Visakhapatnam
66 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Residence (demolished)   Visakhapatnam
67 St. Aloysius Church   Visakhapatnam
68 St. Aloysius School   Visakhapatnam
69 St. Mary's School   Visakhapatnam
70 Sun Dial - behind Science College   Visakhapatnam
71 Temple on Hill at Gangavaram   Visakhapatnam
72 Temple on KGH Hill   Visakhapatnam
73 Temple opp. Dutch Cemetery, Old Town area    Visakhapatnam
74 Thotlakonda Monuments   Visakhapatnam
75 T.L.N Sabha Hall   Visakhapatnam
76 Town Hall Visakhapatnam
77 Turner's Choultry   Visakhapatnam
78 Visakha Museum Building - Dutch House   Visakhapatnam
79 Vizagpatnam Club   Visakhapatnam
80 Waltair Club Building   Visakhapatnam
81 Watch Tower on KGH Hill   Visakhapatnam