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About Visakhapatnam Chapter
Our Members

Visakhapatnam, like other cities in India, has witnessed many historical events. Heritage buildings, in and around the city, stand testimony to the events that have shaped Vizagpatnam.  To safeguard these monuments,  INTACH re-activated the Visakhapatnam Chapter in 2001 with the Collector Mr. J.S.V Prasad as convener and Mr. G. Srinivas Murthy as co-convener.

In the past four years, the Visakhapatnam Chapter of INTACH had organised events to create "citizen awareness". With the motto `Awareness First - Action Later', it kick-started its campaign by organising a heritage walk on the 27th of September, 2001, World Tourism Day.

In addition, INTACH, Visakhapatnam, hosts numerous festivals, folk dances and musical recitals to publicise the differing cultures of the local region. To involve and enthuse the young, it had organised treasure hunts, exhibitions and conducted seminars and lectures in which experts from many fields speak on topics such as 'Practices in conservation methods'.

Operating Strategy:

1. Awareness:
An awareness campaign is the first priority.  People associated with heritage sites and issues feel any move in the direction of restoration or documentation will mean losing ownership of the site. Attempts must first be made to involve local people in the creation of a, "Correct Path for Action".

Vision: To ensure INTACH's role is publicly recognised as being an awareness generating voluntary movement and agency.  To take up projects on a charitable as well as a professional basis

Action: Most activities will be carried out through volunteer groups coordinated by the Chapter's Central Committee. Immediately after establishment the following activities will be implemented:

a. Design and placement of posters inviting volunteer members from the local academic community. 
b. Launch an incentive oriented membership drive.
c. Form Sun-groups, with an independent HOD, to identify and implement specific assignments.
d. Prepare and publish a schedule of activities and develop tourist interest.  Find ways to ensure the activities are part of most tourist's itinerary.

2. Exhibitions:
a. Plan exhibitions of existing material
b. Commission new projects with the help of students of architecture, fine arts and history (similar to students of architecture's documentation work for NASA etc.)
c. Department of Public Relations, Vizag Journalist Forum, etc., to be involved in the preparation a joint exhibition action plan.

3. Seminars and Lectures
a. Schedule, prepare and implement seminars and lectures on a regular basis. A regular venue for such activities must be identified.
b. Identify suitable subjects, material and lecturers for seminars and lectures.
c. Identify and document resources and appropriate experts for future reference.
d. Projects/topics for consideration: Visakhapatnam Old Town area, old palaces and local princely states and their history, Bhimili Town Area, Vizianagaram Town, Bobbilli Palace, Srikakulam Temples, Thotlakonda and Bojjannakonda Buddhist sites.

4. Funds: Raising and Maintaining
Funds will be generated as follows:
a. A membership drive
b. Project Specific corporate sponsors and donors.
c. Government contribution in cash and kind
d. INTACH National Head Quarters Contribution on a Project Specific Basis.

A separate account has been opened and will be maintained jointly by the Convener and Co-convener of the Chapter. All projects expenses be approved by the Convener.